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May 9, 2012


Chicken Marsala with brown rice and mixed veggies. Chef Carol


April 23, 2012

Roasted shrimp, tomatoes, garlic, carrots and brown rice. Chef Carol

August 9, 2010 Dinner

BBQ chicken; sauteed green beans and carrots; rice.  WSM, Carrboro

August 3, 2010 Dinner

Beef and Leek tomato sauce over rice with fennel leeks and carrots and broccoli with sweet and spicy walnuts. WSM, Carrboro

June 17, 2010 Dinner

Leftover chicken noodle soup with shredded Parmesan cheese.  Chef Toni

June 11, 2010 Dinner

Teriyaki baked chicken thighs; rosemary roasted carrots; sauteed green beans with caramelized garlic and leeks.  Chef Toni

May 29, 2010 Dinner

Slow-cooked Italian beef pot roast with red wine and cinnamon tomato sauce with carrots, celery, garlic, spring onion served over pan fried polenta cakes.  Chef Toni!
(*possible DOTY)