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June 22, 2012


Fish tacos. Bear Tooth Pub, Anchorage, AK


July 17, 2010 Dinner

Pan fried flounder with shrimp.  Vin Rouge, Durham

June 23, 2010 Dinner

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Pan seared trout; sauteed collard greens, baked eggplant.  Chef Toni

May 20, 2010 Dinner

Baked catfish with lemon, paprika and garlic; sauteed collard greens and beet greens with garlic and ginger; quinoa.  Chef Toni

May 14, 2010 Dinner

Ahi carpaccio with truffle oil, capers, asiago cheese and lemon dill aioli.

“Black Market Ribs stolen from Hali’imaile General Store, steak-fries and coleslaw.”  Joe’s, Wailea, Maui.

May 13, 2010 Dinner

Grilled ono, opah, shrimp and zucchini.  Chef Toni and Dave

May 9, 2010 Dinner

Grilled assorted fish (opah, opakapaka, mong chong, albacore tuna, snapper with garlic lime vinaigrette, sautéed baby zucchini; grilled purple potatoes.  Chef Toni and Dave.