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June 18, 2010 Dinner

Skirt steak; baby bok choy; fried rice.  Chef Toni


June 13, 2010 Dinner

Grilled sirloin with pesto; sauteed shrimp lemon and garlic; salad with toni’s dressing; sauteed collards and chard with toni’s “greens” dressing; baked sweet potatoes with rosemary.  Chef Toni
Guests: Rona, Craig and Justin.  See June 20, 2009 for similar meal

June 4, 2010 Dinner

Grilled chicken; grilled sweet potatoes; sauteed collards.  Chef Toni

May 20, 2010 Dinner

Baked catfish with lemon, paprika and garlic; sauteed collard greens and beet greens with garlic and ginger; quinoa.  Chef Toni

April 5, 2010 Dinner

Grilled steak, roasted carrots; sauteed field greens with garlic and ginger.  Chef Toni

March 29, 2010 Dinner

Beef meatloaf with roasted sweet potatoes,  sauteed collards and kale and matzo.  Chef Toni

March 22, 2010 Dinner

Grilled London Broil steak; sauteed kale and collards; baked sweet potato.  Chef Toni