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June 13, 2010 Dinner

Grilled sirloin with pesto; sauteed shrimp lemon and garlic; salad with toni’s dressing; sauteed collards and chard with toni’s “greens” dressing; baked sweet potatoes with rosemary.  Chef Toni
Guests: Rona, Craig and Justin.  See June 20, 2009 for similar meal


June 11, 2010 Dinner

Teriyaki baked chicken thighs; rosemary roasted carrots; sauteed green beans with caramelized garlic and leeks.  Chef Toni

May 7, 2010 Dinner

Roasted eye of round; sauteed collards and baby bok choy with sesame oil and garlic; roasted rosemary white potatoes with bacon drippings.  Chef Toni

January 25, 2010 Dinner

Grilled rosemary/cayenne/chili powder sirloin steak with garlic and herb baked acorn squash and rosemary roasted eggplant.  Chef Toni

January 13, 2010 Dinner

Roasted rosemary chicken; roasted carrots and white sweet potatoes with thyme; garlic and white wine jus.  Chef Toni

January 5, 2009 Dinner

Baked spicy pecan and breadcrumb salmon; roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary; sauteed bok choy and collards with garlic and ginger.  Chef Toni

December 29, 2009 Dinner

Herb rubbed filet mignon with sauteed wild mushroom and roasted brussels sprouts, parsnips, garlic and shallots with rosemary.  Chef Toni