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December 14 – 24

Beef chili with tons of good stuff (beans, carrots, celery).  Chef Toni


September 28, 2010 Dinner

Grilled London Broil; mashed sweet potatoes; peas.  Chef Toni

September 27, 2010 Dinner

Pan seared rainbow trout with roasted sweet potatoes and sauteed okra.  Chef Toni

September 26, 2010 Dinner

Leftover Chicken Noodle soup.  Chef Toni

September 23, 2010 Dinner

Baked chicken with salad with lemon tahini dressing; roasted squash.  Chef Toni

September 22, 2010 Dinner

Grilled pork tenderloin; sauteed collards; roasted summer squash.  Chef Toni

September 15, 2010 Dinner

Split Pea soup with smoked sausage and kale.  Chef Toni